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Bapion Ziba

Originally from Tiaré, a small city in Burkina Faso, Chef Ziba began to cook for himself at the age of 13. Discovering the creative freedom that cooking brought, Chef Ziba pursued a culinary career studying culinary in France and in the US. He enjoys being in the kitchen and bringing joy to all people through food. Chef Ziba is married to Ashley, a local attorney, and has two children who continue to inspire and motivate him.  Chef Ziba hopes that you enjoy his cuisine.

My Bistro is housed at Logan Street Market, serves a variety of dishes inspired by my Burkinabe (African) roots along with my French, Italian, and American experiences. For example, on the menu there is a dish - Tiguedigue Chicken, which is chicken and vegetables with a sauce made out of ground peanut butter served over basmati rice. Not only is Logan Street Market a great opportunity for me to open a restaurant, but also for Louisville to get fresh food. As an immigrant, I grew up around large markets that have restaurants, sell fresh produce, and have local crafts, so it is exciting for me to be a part of this realization in Louisville.